First Impressions Matter

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Don’t let a bad first impression be a lasting impression

When people step into a church worship event, they should come in contact with numerous volunteer teams that are all there to make sure the experience is a great experience. We want guests to say “Wow! I’m impressed,” within the first 10 minutes of their visit. We want people to know that they are important to us by providing a warm, and safe environment for them to take their next step toward Christ.

First Impressions Matter

First impressions are lasting impressions. We’ve left restaurants, hotels, and stores because of our initial impression.

  • It smelled bad.
  • It was dirty. Or worse, unsanitary.
  • It just seemed unsafe.
  • The first person we met didn’t care.
  • There was no one to meet. No one.
  • We waited. And waited. And waited no longer.
  • Some of these places we’ve endured for the first visit, but as we left we knew: we’d never be back!

What are the first impressions of your church worship event?
·       Do people know where to park?
·       Do people know where to enter the building?
·       Is there significant amount of signage that will help guide guests to the best area of greeting and information?
·       Is the entrance inviting or awkward?
·       How many people do guests interact with before the Worship Experience Starts?
·       During the worship experience, can they understand what is happening?

Below are some specifics things to put in place to help make a great first impression.

C.T.U. (Chairs, Tables & Ushers)
These teams serve in snow, rain and sunshine to assist guests in finding an open parking space.. They also provide security during the services, throughout the facility. They welcome guests with greetings from the curb to the front doors to the entry of the auditorium. Once inside the auditorium CTU offer assistance in finding a seat.

E.P.A. (Environmental Protection Assistance) Guest Services
These teams provide information at the information table, hand out bulletins to partners, attenders, and guests.  Coffee & refreshment tables are catered and prepped.  These tables are maintained throughout the service by the EPA.  During setup the EPA also makes sure all signage (I,e, Children’s areas, bathrooms, and specialty tables are prepared and manned throughout the service.
Here are some tips for your EPA team:

Main Door Greeters:
·       Smile!
·       Greet every person coming through the doors
·       Shaking hands is not required – read body language
·     If someone needs further help of any kind, offer personal assistance if possible, or take them to another team member who can help them
·       Minimum of 2 greeters at the main doors
·       Remain at door 15 minutes after service begins; longer if traffic flow dictates
·       Return to your door position immediately following the service to hold the door for those leaving

Auditorium Door Greeters:

·       Smile!

·       Distribute bulletins or handouts

·     If someone needs further help of any kind, offer personal assistance if possible, or take them to another team member who can help them.

·       Offer assistance to parents with young children; direct them to age-appropriate ministry

·       Encourage people to sit toward the front, even though there may be adequate seating elsewhere. They’ll be able to see full facial expression up close! Remember, the front row is always open!

Information Table

·       Set up all brochures in an attractive, eye-catchy yet not eye obtrusive manner.

·       Read up on and familiarize yourself with all the information in the bulletin so that you can answer guests’ questions and provide the best possible guest service.

·       Be ready for guests by 1/2 hour before services start.

–      Smile! Look approachable, friendly, and willing to help at all times.

·       All other guest service volunteers should come out from behind the kiosk to intermingle with the guests without the kiosk as a barrier.

·       When the auditorium is full, help usher/greeters with the set up of the Atrium (chairs, noise level, worship atmosphere, taking the offering, etc.)

·       Be able to free yourself up to assist newcomers to the downstairs area for their children, provide a tour of the facility, etc.

Remember, first impressions matter. Don’t let a bad first impression be a lasting impression.

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