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Stan Granberg

Is NOSE BLINDNESS Killing Your Church?

Have you seen those air freshener commercials where the mom enters her son’s bedroom and snarls up her nose because it smells like dirty socks and sneakers? The punch line is, You think it smells fine, but others smell this . . . Millions of people suffer from NOSE BLINDNESS, when you get used to the odors around you (while guests still can). Last night Gena and I met with a dying church. It has been on LIFE SUPPORT for years: They hire visiting men to preach and lead singing for them. They are financially solvent only because of rental

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Scott Christensen

First Impressions Matter

Don’t let a bad first impression be a lasting impression When people step into a church worship event, they should come in contact with numerous volunteer teams that are all

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Bruce Bates

Are You A Pain Or A Joy?

3 Marks of Coachable Leaders I’ve been blessed to coach great leaders who are starting new missional churches around the country.  The best leaders are hungry for wisdom and insight! 

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Scott Christensen

Partnering With Your Community

Impacting Your City With Your City’s Help If you want your church to make an impact for your city, you might think you have to go it alone. But partnering

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