Your Path to a Healthy Church

Simple steps to better your church’s health for the glory of God and service to the world.

Educational Resources

Educational resources that will strengthen the foundation you work from.

Actionable Training

Education without action will get you no where. Smart action will get you to health.

Community Support

Community support that will be there through all the ups and downs of ministry.

What You'll Learn equips you with creative problem-solving skills, easy-to-use tools, and leadership mindsets to stay relevant in our rapidly changing, 21st-century world.

Online Learning Experiences

Cohort Courses

Collaborate with a national church community in our 5-week online courses and build new skills to better your church's health for the Glory of God and service to your community.

Self-Paced Courses

Learn new 21st-century skills anytime, anywhere. Boost your church leadership and ministry skills with flexible, short-form online courses designed to fit your busy life.

Available Courses

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